A handful of walnuts

Two Juglans regia walnuts.

Two Juglans regia walnuts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last night, in a tete-a-tete with my wife after dinner, we talked about our childhood days. My wife fondly reminisced about the sweet days of her childhood when she used to be a little princess of her dad. They lived in a joint family of seven brothers and sisters, who were also double-cousins to each other. Being in a close-knit family, the parents were summoned by the children as chote/bade papa and choti/badi mummy. My wife, being the eldest in the troop of children, was doted the most by everyone, especially her Chote papa. He would bring her chocolates, fruits and other small things within his means. Every Sunday, as a ritual, he would buy her a handful of walnuts as those were her favorite. Sadly, a few years before our marriage, her chote papa passed away after a short period of illness.  Teary-eyed, she recounted the glorious days with her chote papa.

The next day there was a garage sale in our area. Garage sale, as the name suggests, is a sale of miscellaneous unwanted household goods, often held in the garage or front yard of someone’s house.  While returning home from our Sunday errands, we decided to stop by there to see if we might get something of interest. In a garage sale, you are most likely to find used household goods like crockery, old furniture or used books etc, and due to obvious reasons, it makes sense to not expect any edible items to feature in such a sale. Hence, surprisingly enough, among the old and antique pieces in the exhibition, there was an item which caught my attention – a small paper-box containing a handful of walnuts.  Having a natural affinity towards sweet-smelling, freshly grown walnuts, and also to avoid the embarrassment of returning empty-handed, we promptly bought them.

 Later, back in our home, while savoring the walnuts, our thoughts veered to the last night conversation and my eyes welled to realize the profundity of this unusual coincidence. Once again on a Sunday, my wife, and this time, me too, were treated with a handful of walnuts. It were indeed heavenly!


About Kailash

An IT engineer by profession, spiritual at heart, love to read and write and enjoy life's simple pleasures.
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